Blog | Popa Paradise - Part 5

Water You Drinking?

H2O – Popa2 Water You Drinking? Popa Paradise is pleased to team-up with the indigenous Ngobe community of Popa 2 and Peace Corps volunteer, Kate Douglass. We’re hosting a benefit party on May 7th to … more →

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Although there is abundant wildlife on Isla Popa, there are no monkeys in the wild. We do, however, have a few visitors on occasion. This is Lunga, employee Onilda’s pet white-face monkey. He is quite … more →

Little Pink Houses

Throughout the archipelago you’ll find charming houses and buildings with thatched roofs. The colorful structures reflect the flavors and personalities of this Caribbean region. These cute pink houses are just around the corner, located amongst … more →

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