Blog | Popa Paradise - Part 4

Gnobe colors

Thanks to everyone who participated in our fundraising event for the Gnobe Bugle indigenous village of Popa 2. The ladies of the women’s club wore their colorful, traditional hand-made dresses, and sold handicrafts. The event, … more →

La Isla Bonita

Isla Popa, or Popa Island in English, is located in the Southern archipelago of Bocas del Toro, and is one of the 6 largest islands. It is 25 miles long. Popa is the most populated … more →

Hop, Skip and a Jump

The flight to Bocas from Panama city is a quick, fun 1 hour. Just enough time to enjoy a soda and flip through the in-flight magazine. Before you know it you’re back on the ground. … more →

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