Blog | Popa Paradise - Part 17

Off-site Excursion: Comarca Ngobe Bugle Playa de Uva

Peninsula Valiente loomed in the distance, growing higher, as we bounced from wave-top to wave-top, on the one-hour ride from Popa Paradise to the mainland of Panama and the indigenous reserve, Comarca Ngobe Bugle. Gumercindo … more →

Photo Contest: A Day in Paradise

We are pleased to announce our first exclusive Popa Paradise Blog Contest! The theme of the contest is “A Day in Paradise.” We will be accepting photos of what your version of a Day in … more →

Sunset Ride to Popa Paradise Beach Resort

There are few things in life that put you in such a tranquil mood as a boat ride at sunset. Fortunately, this is the view that many of our guests enjoy on their way to Popa Paradise Beach Resort. Enjoy the video!

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