Blog | Popa Paradise - Part 17

Christmas Greetings

If it weren’t for the Spanish Christmas Carols and the colored lights hanging around the resort, it would be hard to remember it is Christmas. Aside from the increasing amounts of people checking in everyday, … more →

When its Raining

I guess it is called a rainforest for a reason, responded one of the guests, when I gave an ambiguous answer to whether the rain would indeed let up that day, the fourth day of … more →

Off-site Excursion: Comarca Ngobe Bugle Playa de Uva

Peninsula Valiente loomed in the distance, growing higher, as we bounced from wave-top to wave-top, on the one-hour ride from Popa Paradise to the mainland of Panama and the indigenous reserve, Comarca Ngobe Bugle. Gumercindo … more →

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