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Bird Watching

Bird Watching

The signature bird of the Popa Paradise Beach Resort is the Passerini’s Tanager, the jet black male with its fluffy scarlet rump appearing in the trees from the beach to the jungle. Other Tanagers abound, too, from the aptly-named Blue-gray Tanager and smaller Golden-hooded Tanager to the Palm Tanagers in the palms around the pool.

In the tops of the larger trees, you can see pairs of Red-fronted Parrots and Blue-headed Parrots sitting, with flocks of Crimson-fronted Parakeets screeching as they fly by.

Hummingbirds feed at the flowering plants, looking as extravagant as their names: the Bronzy Hermit, the Green-breasted Mango, the White-necked Jacobin, and, if you are lucky, the Purple-crowned Fairy. Yes, we do have Fairies at the bottom our garden!

From the beach you may see a Red-billed Tropicbird join the Magnificent Frigatebirds in harassing the Brown Pelicans to get their fish. A walk of a few yards takes you by the swimming pool, where you can watch the Greater Kiskadees calling out their names, while tiny Banaquits probe the base of each flower.

A short walk further on to the other side of the resort brings you to the edge of the jungle, where Blue Morpho butterflies (not a bird, but nearly as big) flap slowly along the trail amid the heliconia flowers, and here you may see small troops of Golden-collared or Red-capped Manakins hop through the bushes. The oddly-named Plain Xenops and the preposterous-looking Long-billed Gnatwren may join the flocks, too.

Here is a list of species seen at one wedding party in August, where the guests kept their eyes on the bird and the bride.

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